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It depends. See your doctor.

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Q: Will your body dispose of a dead fetus twin?
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What happens when one twin dies during pregnancy at 14 weeks What happens to the dead fetus?

The dead twin will be still-born and will have not effect on the remaining twin. You do need to speak to your OBY/GYN for more detailed advice.

Can one twin fetus be a full week behind the other twin fetus in the womb and survive?

Yes, that is very common.

What is it called when a twin absorbs his twin?

That is what they call "vanishing twin" or "fetal resorption." Sometimes it is not fully absorbed, but flattened, and the condition is called fetus papyraceus. If this happens in the first trimester, there may be no other complications except some bleeding. However, if it happens later, it could threaten the health of the mother or surviving twin. If it happens at the very end, and the dead fetus is low-lying, then a caesarean may be required to deliver the living twin.

Possessive form of fetus?

The fetus' umbilical cord. (Singular) The twin fetuses' mother. (Plural)

Is it possible if you abort one fetus and you were pregnant with twins would you then miscarry the 2nd twin?

If you were to miscarry one twin the other fetus can still survive, but the chances for that are SLIM!!

If you have two placentas and one fetus will or can the fetus be smaller as if a twin?

Chances are, something happened to the twin. But since the remaining baby has lots of room to grow, it will probably be born as if it were a single.

If pregnant with twins can you lose one and not the other?

It happens quite often. It is called the vanishing twin syndrom

Who kills Ian in the book series 'Pretty Little Liars'?

In the books, Ali had a twin sister. The dead body the police found was her twin sister. Ali killed her sister and Ian.

Can a baby be born pregnant with its twin?

A human being must be sexually mature to become pregnant. Sexual maturity occurs in early teenage years. So, no newborn can ever be "pregnant"! A twin in the mother's uterus would never be in its twin's uterus. In fact, each fetus has its own amniotic sac--a large bubble full of special fluid where a fetus grows.

Who worked in the twin towers BE SPECIFIC?

dead office workers

Did the people who damaged the twin towers get arrested?

Their dead. So no.

Is 4.2 centimeter fetuses lenght in 18 weeks twin pregnant is normal?

I hope you mean 4.2 "inches?" At 18 weeks a fetus should measure 5-6 inches in length. Due to twin fetus' the length could vary to smaller lengths. It seems to be close to the range indicated but a little on the small size.