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Q: Will you thin out as you get taller?
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Is there anything to help a teenage girl grow taller and thin?

yes! what you need to do is eat lots a healty foods and also keep your self fit

Is a tulip taller or shorter than 1 meter?


Which is correct - He is taller than you or He is taller than you?

yes because hes older and taller

Is it true the taller you are the longer your arms will be?

describe how? the taller the person is, the taller the arms would be

How tall is Arwen?

not clear, but I always saw her as a tiny bit taller than arigorn (elves are tall) even though arigorn was tall for a man of his time. I would say at least 186 cm but probably taller. Only pics of her being slightly taller is when Aragorn is nodding down. But the shoe or none shoe-matter is not regarded here. Elves are known to wear thin-soled shoes. Everything from 186-193 cm is a possibility not regarding he can have slightly thicker soles making her some centimeters taller then

Why do boys get taller?

they get taller because of their hormones

What is the population of Taller?

Taller's population is 406.

You are taller than him or he.?

You are taller than him is the correct answer .

Are you taller at night or in the morning?

Were taller during morning but I don't know why.... Francis...

If you lose weight is it true you will get taller and if so how much taller?

No, you will not actually grow taller but you will appear taller because you are slimmer.

Jen is 53 inches taller and Dedo is 48 inches tall who is taller?

As long an jen isn't taller by -6, than jen is taller no matter what

How can a 5'2-5'3 girl who looks much taller due to being thin look shorter and more dainty?

To me, long skirts, blouses, and flats can make almost anyone look more dainty.