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If he/she truly loved you, the answer is yes.

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Q: Will you love me when im angry will you love me when im bad will you love me when im so far gon that i might not come back?
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How can you get someone you love to come back after break up?

If they truly love you they will come back to you.

When was Always Come Back to Your Love created?

Always Come Back to Your Love was created on 2001-02-19.

Do you love a person if you leave them for a year for no reason?

well..honestly, love is different for other people...if you leave someone, that doesnt mean you dont love them but if they never come back that might mean that they dont love you. in your case, they probably came back and that does mean that they obveiously care for you and love you[;

If you love them let them go If they come back is it love or just hindsight?


Why do you have to let go someone you love?

Just let them go it might hurt but if they really loved you they will come back but if not it wasn't ment to be sorry!

What if a girl whom do you love will looks you angrily?

do you mean what if the girl you love gives you angry looks? If you do first do you know if she loves you or are you not sure. because if she does shes just mad at something you did she come around but if you don't no she might like you as well have you done anything to annoy her because she might just be upset cause she thinks you wouldn't ever like her in that why or she could just not like you because you mean to her or something. And if you don't mean what if the girl you love gives you angry looks what do you mean?

Do girls that you love come back?

no.. sorry

How do you tell if a guy loves you when you say you love them and they don't text back?

The guy might like love you back but he might be two scared to say anything or maybe he doesn't love you back but if he ignores you then ask a friend.

Will my boyfriend come back after a month. will I send him christmas greetings?

Well if depends if your bf loves you or not. If he does, he might come back after a month but if he doesn't he might never even come back to you. If you want to know if you will send him Christmas greetings, you have to know how you will feel these days when you will give it to him. If you will sad or unhappy, you might give it to him but not do the greeting so well. But if you have a great feeling of love, then you will be able to send him a Christmas Greeting and also do it very well.

Will knight rider come back?

it better come back i love that show and miss it so much!!!!!!!!!

What happens if your boyfriend still likes his exgirlfriend?

You can talk to him about him liking his ex. It might be the case that he is missing her. If she does not come back you can give all your love to him.

How can you make your love happy with you?

Prove they are your love. Show them how much they mean to you. When they get you upset or angry, step back and say it's alright. Don't ignore them afterwards. Do everything you can to only do the right things, if you slip up apologize immediately and obnoxiously if you think it might help.