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Many people continue to grow into their twenties especially boys do. Therefore seventeen is not the end age for growth, even though women donÕt tend to grow much more after that age.

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Q: Will you grow any taller now that you are 17?
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Do you continue to grow after age 13?

Yes you will, I am 17 and I am still getting taller.

Will a 5' 2 17-year-old female grow any taller?

Usually people stop growing by the age of 17 but some still grow for a while after that. If your not the height that you would like to be maybe try a sport or an exercise that can elongate your legs such as jogging!

Can you have a growth spurt at the age of 17?

Yes you can. Puberty may have finished for girls by 17 but boys can still be growing. Most boys will still be in puberty at 17 and growing.

I am 17 and 5'6 will I grow any taller?

That would depend on your family. You can do a growth chart for yourself by visiting In the search bar on that site type: male growth chart, 17 years, 5'6", (weight in LB)

Will your penis grow if you get taller?

No its when you body decides it time for that to happen the range is 13-17 or 18 i think maybe even older

Will a 255 75 17 fit on Chrysler pacifica which has 235 65 17 0n it?

Doubtfull, is taller and wider.Doubtfull, is taller and wider.

How tall was bill kaulitz at the age of 17?

He was about 6'2'' when he was 17. He's several inches taller now though. He said he was now 6'3'', but just by MY judges (which dont count for much) he's about 6'4''....

I am 17 yr old boy and my height is only 5'6 will l still grow?

Yes, it's quite likely that you will still grow taller until you reach the age of around 21.

Can a 14 year 8 months old girl who is 150 cms grow taller?

ya sure. age of 14 is just a mere age and girls grow basically till 17-18

Will you grow taller at age 25 and will your growth be visible?

Most people stop growing at 12-17 years old. (Your ears keep growing until you die!)

I stretched a bit and used dumbells and drank a lot of milk but my height is still 5'4 at age 17 How do I grow taller?

Using weights isn't going to help you grow taller. The milk was a good idea, but it will only help so much. Continuing eating properly and you might grow somewhat more. However, it is likely you will simply remain at or around that height for the rest of your life.

Will your staffy grow taller he is 14inches and 4 months old at the moment?

yes, he will grow until three years old, but he/she should start to slow in his growth at about 6 months old, a good size for him to be is 17 inch, it will be perfect!