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That's not a question, that's a statement.

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Q: Will you go out with me yes or no and she said i will think about it?
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This is a question I had to do for science some websites said yes and some said no but i think I would go with a yes

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Yes he does he can go out with you i mean it he said it him self i know him

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depends , if your friend said yes to go out with your exboyfriend then i think so. But if she asked you if it was ok, and you said it was okay then you shouldn't be mad.

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Yes I think because they both said I Love You

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It depends ask your friend if he said it seruously.if he did then maybe he does!

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No, if you think yes, you're wrong, the answer is no cuz I said so. Go cry somewhere else baby!

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yes and/or no. Yes! It defenitly does, that guy is teasing the guy that you think likes you!