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why the hell would you do that

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Q: Will you die form eating 6 chili's and a 2 liter bottle of milk?
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WhaT is the Plural form of chili?

The plural forms are chilis, chilies, chiles, and chillies. All are accepted.

How many teaspoons of sugar in 2 liter bottle of coke?

There is 2670 grams of sugar in a 2 liter bottle of Coca Cola. That is equivalent to 11 and a half cups of sugar.

What is 2374 in expanded form?

It depends on how good u are at eating glue from a bottle. so if u eat 24 oz. of glue it will be the denominator of the termanator.

How can you make a cloud in a bottle?

You have to have a 2 liter bottle. then you need some hot water. Swish the hot water around in the bottle with the lid closed. Then after that light a match and put it in the bottle. Close the lid as soon as possible. then squeeze the bottle for a while and watch. Then soon enough the cloud will form, and if you open the lid after you see the cloud and watch, the cloud will come out the top!!!!! HAVE FUN!!!!!

Do water have to be in the bottle to form a rainbow?

Rainbows form in the sky, therefore the water would not have to be in "the bottle."

How many liter of oxygen in liter?

A liter is a liter. That is a tautology. ----------------------------------------------------------------- If the oxygen is in liquid form, then there is 1 litre in a 1 litre flask.

Is fulgurite edible?

no,unless you consider a glass beer bottle edible. eating silicon dioxide in any form, other than as sand or small, rounded drops would be suicidal.

How do you get carbonation in a bottle?

It is either injected into the bottle in gaseous form, or it develops as a byproduct of fermentation.

How did jack prelutsky influence poetic form?

by eating by eating

How many ml in 12 cc?

The answer is 12. The comparison is purely between milliliters (liquid measurement) and CC's, or cubic centimeters (physical volume). 1ml of water is equal to the volume of 1cc of water. 1000cc water is equal to 1L (liter) of fluid. a 2 liter bottle of soda is 2000cc of liquid. Just a different form of measurement, but they are essentially the same.

What is 0.55 liter as a fraction in simplest form?


Is eating a preposition?

No, it is not a preposition. Eating is a verb form or noun (gerund) of the verb "to eat."