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Nope because I'm single and straight and two guys can't have a baby together lol.

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Q: Will you and your boyfriend marry and have a baby soon?
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Where can a pregnant 17-year-old girl marry her 18-year-old boyfriend without her parents' consent?

It is better if you do have your parents consent. I know that you are probably mad at each other but in the long run it will all be better. You are 17, soon you will be 18 and you can marry your boyfriend. Just take that one year or less as time to get ready to marry your boyfriend and getting ready to have a baby. Good luck and God Bless:)

Is Christina millian pregnant by the dream?

yes the dream is her boyfriend and she has a baby and is soon to get married

When a woman gets pregnant should she and her boyfriend marry before the baby is born?

Yes they should because the baby needs a moommy and dad so incase you brak up and you should marry then get pregnant

Can you marry your boyfriend in the Philippines and marry your other boyfriend in the us?

Only if they are the same dude.

Why does Jamie Lynn Spears have a baby?

I'm not really sure but she DOES have a boyfriend so . . . Oh! And by the way. If a girl and boy sleep together, they WILL have a baby soon. So I guess she always sleeps with her boyfriend. I have no idea who he is through.

Is derrick rose going to marry soon?

No, he not getting marry soon

My boyfriend is still married after 25yrs with one son and wants to marry me soon how do i know hes over his wifethey still talk on the phone?

well first of all he might want to get a divorce before he can marry you. if he won't get a divorce then does not want to marry you.

How can you marry your American boyfriend can you visit America and then just marry him and stay?

If he agrees to marry you.

What do you do if you love your ex boyfriend and your current boyfriend and they both want a baby with you?

If you love your ex boyfriend, dump the current boyfriend and go back to the ex. Marry him, and then have his baby. Rule #1: Do not under any circumstances have a baby with someone you don't love. Rule #2: Do not under any circumstances have a baby you can't afford to raise. Rule #3: Think, very carefully about both rules 1 and 2 before doing anything. Rule #4: If you have to ask the question you posted, you're not ready to have a baby.

How long do I have to wait after my divorce in Michigan to marry my boyfriend in Germany?

As soon as your divorce is though you can get married to your bf. If you have to wait for your divorce, you should start learning a little German :-)

What if your boyfriend says he loves you?

marry him

You are pregnant with your boyfriends baby who is illegally here from Mexico we want to get married since he is the father what do we do?

The baby will automatically be granted citizenship since born in the United States. If you marry your boyfriend he will too but he doesn't really have an affect on the outcome of the baby's citizenship.