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Probably! It may turn a red-ish colour, which may look like blood stained urine, but if you have eaten beetroot then it probably isn't.

Also bear in mind if you have eaten a lot of beetroot your poop may also look red-ish in colour or have red-ish streaks. This is also quiet normal

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Q: Will urine color changes by eating beetroot?
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What fruits are eaten will change color of urine?


Can tart cherry extract capsules make urine red?

Eating beetroots or drinking excessive amounts of beetroot juice, is known to give your urine a reddish ting - from experience!In Britain it is known as a beetroot. In the USA it is a beet.

Can to much beetroot cause pain in urinating?

I am not sure about pain, but I know from experience, that your urine may look rather a deep pink because of eating a large portion of beetroot. As to too much? Most meals containing beetroot should not cause a problem. It is best to eat in moderation.

Does beetroot turn your urine red?

Yes, it can tint it pinkish.

What all changes the color of your urine?

hormonal changes, change the color of your urine.

Is it bad if one's urine changes color after one digests all of the chance cards in a Monopoly set?

It depends what color the urine is. If it is a color of red then you must take them to the emergency room right away.

What color is your urine if you use cocaine?

What color is your urine use crack

Why does your pee smell funny?

The color and smell of your urine has to do with what you've been eating. A lot of times, taking vitamins can alter that. Asparagus is infamous for it too.

What color does iron turn your urine?

dark urine

Can beet turn urine red?

yes, beetroot canYes, beets can turn your pee pink. Apparently it is a sign of iron deficiencyYes.

How are enzymes used to diagnose diabetes?

No enzyme is used to diagnose diabetes .People with diabetes have sugar in their urine. There is a test strip indicator which contains chemical indicators , if glucose is found in the urine the indicator changes color.

What do you do for a 10 week old Pygmy rabbit has blood in its' urine?

Is the bunny peeing somewhere unusual? Is she grunting/squeaking in pain when she pees? Is all the urine red or just a little bit? If you answer yes to those questions it would suggest the bunny has a urine infection. You need to take her to the vet ASAP! It is worth remembering however that of the bunny has had something with red colour in it, (Beetroot) etc. the urine produced can be a rather alarming red colour... A reddish rusty color to the urine could be normal if your bunny is not drinking enough water.