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I dont think sooo.... its possible though, but somehow I've got the feeling that its gonna be Toklo and Lusa instead. Because ever since the middle of the second book Toklo has always made sure that Lusa is alright, and he seems to be protecting Lusa from Taqqik. But there is no sure answer yet... and besides they,re still cubs!

Lusa and toklo will not fall in love! On the seekers page, Erin hunter says that they wont. but nothing about Kallik. (i dont like Kallik)

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Q: Will toklo and kallik fall in love?
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Do Toklo and Kallik love each other?


Does Toklo like Kallik?

Yes, Toklo is shown to have feelings for Kallik in the "Seekers" book series. Their relationship is one of friendship and care for each other.

Why is seekers by Erin Hunter called seekers?

It is most likely called Seekers because the three main characters: Lusa, Kallik, and Toklo join together to Seek for a new home. With Ujurka and Kallik's brother it makes the journey a lot easier. The ice is melting for Kallik and she needs a new home. toklo wants to find a new home too. For food. And Lusa was jsut there to tell Toklo that his mother is sorry. Anyhow, they are looking for a home.

Who are the main characters of the book seekers?

The main characters in the book "Seekers" are Toklo, Lusa, Kallik, and later on, Ujurak.

What are the names of the Seeker bears?

The names of the Seeker bears are Kallik, Toklo, Lusa, and Ujurak. Each bear has a unique personality and plays a specific role in the Seekers series by Erin Hunter.

How do you pronounce the names of the bears in Seekers?

Lusa: Loo-suh Toklo: Toe-klo Kallik: Kall-ick Ujurak: OO-joo-rak

In seekers smoke mountain what bear leaves forever?

Based upon the text and reading the book, the bear who leaves forever is Taqqiq, Kallik's brother. After so long, Kallik finds her brother from which she was separated from in the first book, by the Orcas that (sadly) killed Nisa, the mother. He seems violent and is not interested in Kallik anymore... He and his "wonderful" friends capture some of the black bears at Great Bear Lake (which include Lusa's new friend Miki) Ujurak shape-shifts and turns to a white bear with Kallik and they end up helping Miki and stopping Taqqiq. All of the bears, except Toklo who is on the wrong side of Taqqiq, are able to convince him to come with them on their journey, but mostly thanks to Kallik. Everything seems happy right? Well, not for long. In the beginning og Smoke Mountain, Taqqiq travels with the others, but he ends up telling Kallik that it is not his destiny to be with them. (awe) He leaves and Kallik is heartbroken, although Toklo doesn't really care.

Who is the cover of the seekers books?

1. The Quest Begins- Kallik 2. Great Bear Lake- Lusa 3. Smoke Mountain- Toklo 4. The Last Great Wilderness- Lusa

Do Lusa and Toklo love each other?

yes they do

Who is telling the story in seekers the quest begins?

"Seekers: The Quest Begins" is told from multiple perspectives, including those of the main characters, Toklo, Kallik, and Lusa. The story alternates between these different viewpoints as the bears embark on their journey.

Seekers Series In order by Erin Hunter?

Right now 1ST:The Quest Begins (or something like that) it has Kallik on the front(she is a Polar Bear 2ND:The Great Bear Lake has Lusa on the front (she is a black bear) 3RD:Smoke Mountain has Toklo on the front (he is a Grizzly)

In the book Seekers The Quest Begins does Kallik ever find Taqqiq?

Yes she does, In the second book, Lusa Urjak and Toklo go to great bear lake and Kallik travels on here own there and she discovers that Taqquiq is a total jerk and she confronts him and he says pretty much he doesn't care. Then Taqqiq and his cruel friend go to the black bears forest and raid it for food and take a black bear to eat. I kinda zoned out after that but in the next book some how Taqqiq is with them and he is also being a dick cause he is jelous of Kallik's friends I'm still reading Smoke mountain