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yes, when you begin labor and go to the hospital the doctor will need to take a series of tests to determine your health and your unborn child's health.

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2011-09-13 18:11:35
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Q: Will the doctors know that you have smoked marijuana when you have the baby?
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Will the doctors know if you have smoked marijuana if you have 8 weeks left with your pregnancy?

Probably not. But why are you smoking pot while your pregnant.

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Can smelling marijuana at 29 weeks pregnant harmful to the baby?

Absolutely NOT. I know a lot of women who smoked marijuana throughout pregnancy and had perfect babies. Marijuana has never hurt anyone, doesn't cause birth defects, and helps morning sickness. Besides, smelling it cannot get it into your system. Everything will be fine :)

How can you tell if you'll pass a marijuana test without actually taking one?

know that you haven't ingested or smoked it

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Marijuana itself is not proven to provoke cancer, however if smoked with tobacco the tobacco will. Also there might be undesired substances in the weed, you can never know.

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thats what i want to know

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Responsei asked this question. i just wanted to know the calorie content of marijuana, not the amount of calories consumed while "high" on it. how many calories does the actual smoked marijuana contain? Smoked = None, however marijuana, like most other edible substances we consume does contain calories if eaten and not smoked. Calories are a conversion of energy contained in the substance so that people are able to understand how much the substance contains. Even yard-grass has calories. If you burn it you are utilizing the contained energy, it will never burn again and has thus diminished in terms of stored energy.

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