Will someone have a conversation with you?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No doubt someone will. Try a chatroom or a social networking site.

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Q: Will someone have a conversation with you?
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How can you tell if someone is interested in your conversation?


What is a chat line?

Either a one-on-one conversation with someone online or a group conversation online.

How to start a conversation with someone with one eye?

To start conversation with a single-eyed person, first get to where he is seated, grasp his attention, and then engage him in a conversation.

How do you get to know someone you just met?

I recommend conversation.

What does initiate a conversation?

It means to start talking to someone.

How do you entertain someone on MSN?

Carry on a relevant and interesting conversation.

What is the meaning of eazesgropping?

listening to someone's conversation without them knowing

What is the word for someone who is a master of dinner table conversation?


How do you have a great conversation with people?

Ask someone who's listening

How much will the human brain retain from a conversation?

The brain is like a muscle the more you work it the stronger it gets. If someone is involved in a conversation and they are not just listening, they are contributing something to the conversation then 70% of the conversation will be remembered. If a person is just listening to a conversation withou contributing anything to it, they retain about 20% of that conversation.

When you are talking to someone and someone else jump in what to do?

shut him/her up, cause he/she was not call into the conversation, or you can easily tell him/her to to excuse you or you leave the place.But if his/her conversation add meaning to yours you can tell her the full detail.

How to be spying?

Crouch where someone cant see you. Listen to the closest conversation.