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You won't die. It is impossible to die on marijuana.

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no the last person was right

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not even man! it makes you mellow! :3 xD

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Q: Will one weed joint a week kill you?
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You only smoke one weed joint on the week end how long will it stay in my urine?

I only smoke weed twice a month how ling will it stay in my system and how difficult is it ti get out

How long will it take to get one joint of weed out of system for non regular smoker?

About a week if you drink plenty of water, but not too much

Can you be tested positive from one fourth of a joint a week?


Will one weed joint show in urine test?

My policy is: If you got high , it's will show up.

After moss control how soon can you apply weed and feed?

After applying moss control, weed and feed can be used one week later.

How can you clean THC from your body from one hit of weed?

If you only smoked one hit of weed, it really shouldn't take more than a week or so, at most, for it to leave your system.

Will bleach kill a one week old baby?


What does synthetic weed smell like when smoked?

Bad. It's not "synthetic weed", it's ground up plant matter sprayed with dangerous chemicals. One joint of this usually puts people in the hospital.

How many nanograms of THC in one joint of pot?

The amount of THC in a joint of marijuana can vary widely based on factors such as the strain of cannabis, its potency, and how the joint is rolled. On average, a joint may contain anywhere from 10-150 milligrams of THC. To convert this to nanograms, you would multiply by 1,000, so a joint could contain 10,000-150,000 nanograms of THC. Keep in mind that these numbers are rough estimates and can vary significantly.

You smoke one joint in the middle of August will it still be in your hair the fist week of December?

no longer.

Will you test positive 12 hours after smoking marijuana?

most likely yes, it does depend how much u smoked and the strength of the weed or(THC) that's in the weed weed can stay in ur system for about a month, one or two hits may not be in ur system as much as a joint

Can one puff of weed kill you if im not used to it?

No, you cannot overdose on marijuana as long as it is not laced with anything else.