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I read that nausea is one of the side effects.

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Q: Will metoprolol cause nausea
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Why do you have to take metoprolol with food?

It is recommended by the manufacturer to prevent nausea.

Can cannabis cause nausea?

yes it can cause nausea

Does metoprolol cause fatigue?

Yes, it is one of the side effects.

Does metoprolol ER succinate cause weight gain?


Does belly button piercing cause nausea?

no It does not cause nausea because the piercing is not that intense!

Can hot flashes cause nausea?

Hot flushes can be associated with nausea, yes. However, it is not the flushing itself which causes the nausea. It is usually the changes in hormones that accompany menopause that cause nausea.

Does metoprolol cause fluid retention?

According to, "water retention causing swelling" is a rare side effect of metoprolol affecting about 1 in 1,000 users of the drug.

Will taking metropol cause red hot cheeks?

Metoprolol should not cause red hot cheeks, that sounds more like a hot flash. Metoprolol is used for blood pressure, this may in fact cause a hot flash, if you are controlling your blood pressure.

What is the cause of small red dots on skin nausea and fatigue?

There are many things that can cause small red dots and nausea and fatigue. The infection cellulitis can cause nausea, fatigue, and skin rashes.

What can be a cause of nausea without vomiting?

Gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying) can cause nausea without vomiting. Gastroparesis can be confirmed with a gastric emptying study. Also, some food intolerance can cause nausea.

Is nausea an effect of alcohol?

alcohol promotes dehydration by increasing urine production. This process can cause headaches and dry mouth, which can, in turn, cause nausea. Ingredients (Like Gluten) of certain alcohols can cause nausea

Does suboxone cause nausea?


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