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Q: Will it hurt when your fingernail grows back?
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Why do your fingernails hurt after you take off polish and not put new polish back on?

it shouldn't hurt but maybe you are allergic to the fingernail polish or fingernail polish remover you are putting on

How do you cut your guinea pig's nails?

1: Use a baby fingernail clip 2: Cut carefully as you do not want to hurt it 3: Rub its back while you do it so it feels less scared

What common is about 1 millimeter long?

That's how much the average fingernail grows in nine days.

What does fingernail polish remover do if it gets in your eyes?

it hurt alot. burns even.

What grows faster fingernail or hair?

Eating healthy, Vitamin C is good for both nails, hair and skin

I would like to mark my pill bugs with fingernail polish would that hurt them in any way?

That would immediately kill them. The alcohol content in the fingernail polish is lethal to insects.

What happens when your fingernail is all black?

this usually means that you have hit your nail, or got it caught in between something at some stage. Once the nail turns all black, it normally falls off then grows back :)

Why does the white tips on my fingernail start getting bigger?

They are a different type of nail than the other part of your fingernail That grows with constant Heat, water and non interfearence when your nail peels That piece of nail Will NEVER be the same thickness

What is the cause for broken fingernail for children and how to treat it?

Sometimes people get random broken fingernail! If his/her fingernail bleeds heavily, you should get an ice pack and give it to the child! It should stop/slow the bleeding. If the fingernail falls off you should just leave it and it will grow back

Is it normal for a fingernail grow weird and will it go back to normal?

Yes it will grow back a$$h0le

Does fingernail polish help get rid of ringworm?

Well actually no. Highly unlikely...ringworm is a fungus that grows under the skin and thrives in a moist environment. Covering the lesion with fingernail polish will hold moisture in and probably improve your crop of fungus.

Why does nasal irrigation not hurt?

because nothing grows in your nose.