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probably so dont do it and you dont have any milk there unless you gave birth and are nursing a baby but if you are and you have milk there then i know this sounds wrong but if you really want to do it then get the milk in a cup and give it to him i know that sounds really wrong and gross and preverted but u asked the question

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Q: Will it hurt if your boyfriend drinks milk from your breasts?
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Drinks that make your breasts bigger?


What drinks make your breasts bigger?

MILK! lol believe it or not it does! :P (weird right)

Do breasts hurt when they develop milk?

It can. While breasts are developing and growing, they can be tender and sore, and that is perfectly normal.

What causes your breasts to hurt when you're pregnant?

Be cause your woman bits are prepareing to make milk :O

Does your mom feed you there breasts?

No, you don't eat your mom's boobs. Your mom makes milk inside her boobs just like a mother cow does, and the baby drinks the milk through the nipple.

Why do pregnant women's nipples hurt?

well it depends.... if the females nipples hurt, that means the breasts are maybe sweling for breast milk flow, or they are uncomfotable. Not all pregnate women have their nipples hurt....

Does leaking breast after pregnancy hurt?

Your breasts will be sore once your milk comes in because you will be very engorged, but the leaking itself doesnt hurt at all. Buy a breast pump it will help with your breasts being engorged and will also help stimulate the milk to come in, keep in mind that when your baby nurses he/she will be able to get ALOT more milk out than you can get out with a breast pump so don't think your milk hasn't come in just because you wont get much from pumping.

What drinks contain vitamin D?

Vitamin D can be found in different drinks. Cow milk, almond milk, soy milk, and coconut milk are all drinks that have the vitamin.

Distinguish between the breasts and the mammary glands?

The breasts are the upper part of the chest. The mammary glands give milk. Chickens have breasts and they don't give milk. Many sea mammals have nipples to give milk, but, they don't have breasts.

Does drinking milk give you bigger breasts?

No it does not. But making milk yourself (lactation) does make your breasts bigger.

Will milk leak while the man is fonding her breasts after pregnancy?

Yes there are chances of milk leaking when the breasts are fondled.

How many months pregnant are you before you get milk in your breasts?

When you're pregnant, the milk isn't in your breasts yet. It's not until after you actually give birth that you get milk in your breasts. It follows colostrom, which is a natural antibiotic.