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Yes! False nails are sharp and you will cut the skin of your vagina so don't finger yourself.

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Q: Will it hurt if you finger yourself with false nails on?
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Why does it never hurt when you have a haircut?

that is because your hair doesnt have nerves and your finger nails dont hurt when u cut them for the same reason

How do you finger a laduy?

slowly insert a finger and do the "come here" motion then add more fingers but dont hurt her. make sure you clip your nails.

Why must not people eat nails?

People must not eat nails because your nails are attached to your fingers and It is likely that if you bite your nails you will bite too far and rip your nail from your finger. We all know how much that will hurt.

Should you finger your bum or will it hurt?

you should try it, it is both pleasurable for men and women just cut your nails first

Why causes finger nails to hurt?

By chewing your fingernails, also by ripping and scratching your nails on rough objects like sandpaper. You also have to remember to use a nailfiller very good.

DO peroxide hurt natural nails?

yep. peroxide DOES hurt natural nails.

Longest finger nails?

7ft by a guy named Brian fellocks is the worlds longest toenail.

Does it hurt when a guy fingers you?

It can if he is too rough. Check his finger nails over before you allow this. Long nails can cut your tissue and dirty nails are not good either so to protect your self check his hands. Make him wash them and trim nails.

Will it hurt when removing pin from mallet finger surgery?

I had pin removed from ring finger after six weeks for mallet finger and no it did not hurt. I did take two pain killers before i went to hospital, as i read that it did hurt but i was surprised. So please dont get yourself worked up or worried it is nothing to worry about.

How come when you grow your nails it doesn't hurt?

The reason why it doesn't hurt when you grow your nails is because nails are dead matter. There is no sensation in the tip of a nail.

What is te best way to manstrurbate and how?

Finger yourself, it doesn't hurt. Or play, spit, drool on your clit. It's fun!

How come it hurts when you finger yourself?

well fingers bend and if its your first couple of times it does hurt because its streching down there and you have to get used to it!! :)