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Many people like to treat a cough with honey and lemon. Add a bit of honey and lemon to a glass of warm water and gargle to relieve some pain from a sore throat. Drinking the mixture may help you recover sooner from a cold.

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Q: Will honey and lemon calm a cough?
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Will the mixture of lemon juice honey and cayenne pepper stop a nagging cough?

Lemon juice, honey, and cayenne pepper is not likely to stop a raging cough. Lemon juice and honey mixed together and warmed up can help soothe a cough, though.

Can venos lemon and honey cough be taken if you take warfarin?


What can you take for a cough?

Drink hot lemon water with honey added.

What gets rid of a cough better than cough drops?

Honey and lemon juice may help :)

What are some good home remedies for cough?

Home remedies for cough include extra vitamin c. Also, for my daughter we used a mixture of lemon juice and honey diluted with warm water. Works just like the lemon/honey cough drops.

What does the phrase cough drop mean?

A "cough drop" is a lozenge that contains lemon, honey, menthol or sometimes a mild cough suppressant to help soothe an aggravating cough.

What fruit juice to drink if have cough?

half glass lemon juice with a tablespoon of liquid honey....

What do you take when you cough?

cough Suryp drink plenty of liquids and always get enough sleep

What alcohol is good for when you have a cough and cold?

A shot of Bourbon with some warm water, a dash of honey and a slice of lemon.

What are the most popular home cough remedies?

There are a range of home cough remedies that have been used over time. Some of the more popular ones include a steamy shower, honey and lemon drink and using cough lozenges.

Curing a cough?

boil mint leaves and lemon in water then add honey to sweeten it. Works all the time trust me!

What is good for a bad cough?

For a bad cough, you can try home remedies like honey and lemon, warm teas with honey, or using a humidifier to ease congestion. Over-the-counter remedies like cough syrups or lozenges can also help reduce coughing. If the cough persists or worsens, it's best to consult with a doctor.