Will hikies make you pregnant

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Will hikies make you pregnant
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How do you give hikies?

lose a fight with a vacuum(:

Can chlamydia make you pregnant?

Having chlamydia does not make you pregnant.

Does the period or breast make a women pregnant?

No it does not make a lady pregnant.

Does smooching make a women pregnant?

No. To make a woman pregnant you must have sexual intercourse with her.

What tablet take to get pregnant?

No tablet will make you pregnant.

Is Chelsea hobbs pregnant?

Yes, she is pregnant with her second child. They might make her character Emily in Make it or Break it pregnant as well.

Can overmastubation man make a woman pregnant?

No amount of masturbation can make a woman pregnant, she can only get pregnant if sperm fuses with an egg cell.

Did Lil Wayne make two women pregnant?

yes he make two woman pregnant...

Can a hug make a girl pregnant?

No...if he does not put his penis in your Virgina and make sperm he will not be able to get you pregnant.

Can your boar make his babies pregnant?

Yes when they are of an age to get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant by foods?

No, eating any food will not make you pregnant.

How do you make hcg?

Get pregnant. Or extract it from a pregnant woman's urine.