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a girl is a sexual pig so yes

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Q: Will girls wet their pants more than boys at school?
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Who wets their pants more boys or girls?


Do girls support their high school more than boys?

depends on the school school event and how many girls and boys there are so if you are talking football games boys probally if its cheerleading more girls

If there is a school bus with 36 kids . there are 8 more boys then girlshow many boys and how many girls?

if there are only 8 MORE boys then girls then there are: 14 girls and 22 boysif there are 8 TIMES more boys than girls then there are: 32 boys and 4 girls

Where there more girls than boys in the classes in the olden days?

i believe there were more boys then girls because boys more intelegent then girls so the boys would go to school and the girls would stay home and cleaning and stuff

Do boys get more made fun of than girls?

So far no boys only in my school all pick on the girls. So far no boys only in my school all pick on the girls.

Why did ancient Egyptian boys go to school and not girls?

Egyptian boys had more rights than girls back then

Do boys or girls lie more in a dating relationships in middle school?

The boys, generally.

Are there more girls or more boys in the world right now?

there are more girls than boys in the world right now because in schools and classes you can see that there are more girls in the class than boys and the same thing is in school.

Who has more fashion boys or girls?

girls have more fashion because girls have over a million dresses and boys have a couple of tuxedos to chose from.Also boys cant wear skirts{only in irland]and boys cant wear dresses and girls can.Boys have to wear the same thing every day pants and a shirt.

A ratio of boys to girls was 3 to 7 if there were 200 more girls than boys how many boys were enrolled that year?

A ratio of boys to girls was 3 to 7 and there were 200 more girls than boys there would of been 150 boys that enrolled in school this year. This is a math problem.

Do girls get wedgies in high school?

Yes, more so than boys in real life. In fiction it is usually uncomon for unknown reasons, but in reality Girls are more likely to get wedgies due to two reasons. Teenage girls are more likely to wear tight fitting pants and underwear, so they're more likely to have natural wedgies. Girls are usually weaker than boys, so boys are able to give them wedgies considerably easier.

There are 2,564 boys and 1,029 more girls than boys enrolled in an elementary school. About how many girls were enrolled in all?


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