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It is very unlikely for Abilify to cause a false positive on a drug screen for any other substance. Drug screens test for metabolites of specific drugs. All drug tests have a rating based on specificity and sensitivity. The higher the sensitivity, the lower the specificity. Basically it is only possible to have a false positive by using another drug that is very chemically similar to the positive test. Abilify (aripiprazole) is not chemically similar to commonly screened drugs of abuse.

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Uh, no.

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Q: Will abilify and lexapro give a false positive for methamphetamine?
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What can produce a false positive for methamphetamine?


What will give you a false positive for methamphetamine?


Can PROAIR HFA 90 MCG INHALER cause a false positive for methamphetamine?

No, it is a glucocorticoid steroidal antiinflammatory medication that should not test positive for methamphetamine, nor should it metabolize to any substances that yield a false positive for methamphetamine.

What can cause a positive methamphetamine result in a hair test?

sudafed can give u a false positive for meth be careful

Drug testing results?

Can trazadone give a false positive urine drug screen for methamphetamine

What percripion will make you test positive for meth?

Uh, having methamphetamine in your system! But other sources say the following can also cause false positive results: Desoxyephedrine, Desoxyn, Methedrine, Vicks Inhaler (non-prescription drug), Selegiline, Benzphetamine and Famprofazon, Dexedrine, Benzedrine, Adderal.

Can bacterial growth in urine result in false positive for methamphetamine?

No, drug tests are designed with things such as bacterial growth in mind.

Will you test positive for meth taking Benadryl?

No, Benadryl (diphenhydramine) will not give a false positive for methamphetamine. However, Benadryl may cause a false positive for methadone in simple immunoassay tests, though more advanced tests can resolve a disputed result.

Are there any sleeping pills that would cause a false positive for amphetamine or methamphetamine?

No. since amphetamines are stimulants it would be almost impossible.

Which over the counter cold medicines can cause a false positive UA for Meth and how muchdo you have to take to cause the false positive?

Most cough products which contain decongestants (pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, synephrine, phenylpropanolamine) can cause false positives with methamphetamine drug triage tests. The amount necessary which could cause a false positive depends on the detection sensitivity of the specific analyzer being used (they have different detection thresholds).

Does Lexapro cause false positive drug screen?

I have a friend that I know cannot and does not take Benzo's such as Xanax but she is on Lexapro. She also takes Suboxone so the Dr had to give her a level test to make sure she is taking her medicine. The test came back positive for Benzo's. The Dr said that is probably why it did that. Also I have found a few reliable websites that say the same thing that it can happen.

How do you beat a false positive?

you can have a false negative but NOT a false positive