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Meniscus do not heal on their own. Vitamin D will not repair it, the only solution is surgery. All surgery does is detach the torn part hanging off to prevent further tearing. One can come back to sports from this injury with proper rehabilitation.

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Q: Will a tear of the meniscus heal on it's own?
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What is medial meniscus tear?

It is when the cartilage in the knee called the meniscus is torn apart. this is also confused with an over-sized meniscus (which i have). it comes with pain, instability, and the sensation of giving out. The meniscus may heal or may not. Surgery to get the meniscus repaired is possible. the injury will most likely not take you out of a sport such as football or baseball.

What is a stellate tear of the body of the lateral meniscus?

A stellate tear of the body of the lateral meniscus is a star shaped tear. Usually this is corrected surgically, but sometimes for a slight tear rest is appropriate.

Torn medial meniscus and partial tear of laterial meniscus settlement?


What is the average settlement for a medial meniscus tear where the tear could not be repaired and the meniscus had to be removed?

average settlement for slip and fall torn meniscus and acl with future surgery

What is the treatment for a vaginal tear caused by tampon removal?

Depending on the size of the tear, it can heal on its own or may need suturing.

How do you know if you have torn the cartilage in your knee?

This is called a meniscus tear and is quite painful where you are unable to put weight on that side. Generally it doesn't heal and requires arthroscopic surgery to clean out the detritus.

I had a torn ACL and three years later my knee is popping. What up?

The ACL repair may have been damaged or torn. It may also be a meniscus tear. When you tear your meniscus, the knee seems to pop.

Is meniscal tear a operative one or any alternative?

They generally won't heal on their own without surgery.

What is the most common type of meniscal tear?

the bucket handle -- an incomplete longitudinal tear with displacement of the inner portion of the meniscus

What are some symptoms of a meniscus tear?

Meniscus tear symptoms can range from mildly painful to extreme. Some of the meniscus tear symptoms to look for include: - Swelling of the knee area - Stiffness in the knee - Sharp or stabbing pain upon squatting or kneeling - Popping or clicking sound in the knee - Difficulty standing or unsteady sensation upon standing - Decreased range of motion

What non surgical treatments for dog meniscus tear are there?

Antiinflammatories and rest will help somewhat with the pain, but the actual damage will not heal itself. Over time scar tissue should form which may stabilise the meniscus and the joint somewhat, but osteoarthritis will still develop. Normal treatments for osteoarthritis will then be needed. The jury really is still out as to whether release of the meniscus is better than nothing, or even complete removal

Can a torn tendon heal without surgery?

yes. it depends on where the meniscus is torn and how old the patient is.