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more than likely

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Q: Will a guy be really nervous to approach you if you don't make the first move to ensure him that you like him to encourage him?
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Will a guy be really nervous to approach you if you don't make the first move to show you like him?

yes, the will be nervous if you don't show him that you like him. Some advise don't act stupid or he will think that you are weird.

You're not emo or scene but you really like this scene girl. What are some ways you can approach her?

Don't be nervous she'll like you for you if she really likes you back if she doesn't i don't think she is the right one for you

What does it mean when your ex still smiles at you and is a bit nervous around you and stares Is he even sad or regret to breakup a good relationship that seemed too short to really know someone?

It seems he may still be interested in you but is not sure how you feel and probably is nervous to approach you.

What's the best way to approach a lady you really like for a date but you only meet on Sundays at church?

Follow her out and talk to her. You can take it from there then. If you are nervous about it then get to know her and talk to her for a few weeks before you ask her out.

Is it bad to get nervous for nothing?

not really a lot of the times you are nervous for a reason but it is perfectly fine to be nervous for nothing.

When he ------ a speech at the wedding he was really nervous?


Should you text this guy you really like when you are a little shy and nervous.?

Only if he knows your number and knows who you are. Well i guess you can text him if he doesn't have your number ONLY if he knows who you are. Otherwise, try to approach him face to face.

How do you encourage pretentious people?

Why would you want to encourage such a person? What you really want is for that person to go

Do roses have a nervous system?

no not really that's what i heard no not really that's what i heard

How not to get nervous while playing the nervous game?

It depends on the version but the watered down version or really any of them just dont think about it and you wont get nervous

You are pretty sure he likes you but he never shows it to you What should you do to encourage him?

If you're brave enough, you should go forward and ask him whether he really likes you. Have the courage as a girl. If you're not brave enough, be patient, strong and wait for him to approach you. It'll work out. (:

You get really nervous when eating around people are you anorexic?