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No. That is not possible.

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Q: Will a female dog get pregnant if human sperm is injected in its vagina?
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When are the infertile days of the human female?

if you mean when are the days you cant get pregnant... there are non the best you can do is to do the deed right before that time of the month

Why do boys have penisis an girls have viaginas?

The process of sexual reproduction requires a male and female to mix their DNA and produce offspring, as per human nature. The penis is a delivery device for the males' genetic traits (sperm) to the female ovary (the egg) via the vagina, or the receptor. This is the nature of all sexually reproducing species.

How do you get rid of pregnancy after 45 days?

If the pregnany is in a human female, the best option is to make sure the pregnancy is factual. Many women think they might be pregnant when they are not. Emotions, such as worry, fear, concern, can make a human female late for her menstrual period. But, if a pregnany is suspected, by all means do see a doctor. If that is not possible, buy a pregnancy test kit in the pharmacy,and use it according to the directions. The only way to rid a human of a pregnancy is a morning after pill--which it sounds as if it was not used, and is therefore not effective. An abortion is the only way to end such a pregnancy. See Planned Parenthood, and soon.

Human cell containing 44 autosomes and two X chromosomes?

A human cell containing 44autosomes and two x chromosomes A) a somatic cell of a male B) a zygote C) a somatic cell of a female D) a sperm cell E) an

What is the average weight of a human?

The average weight for a male is 190.9 lb. The average weight for a female is 164.0 lb.

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