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No. That is not possible.

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Q: Will a female dog get pregnant if human sperm is injected in its vagina?
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Can you get pregnant from ear?

no, the only way for a human to get pregnant is for a male and female to have sexual intercourse using the reproductive organs {penis, vagina}

Is human female get pregnant by sukking?

No, a human female cannot get pregnant by sucking the male's penis.

How does a human have to be to get pregnant?

Female and fertile.

Is it possible for a fixed female human to get pregnant?


Can a hamster get pregnant even with being with a male for just a couple of minutes?

Only if she is in her Gestation period (for a female human we call that a period) that is when she smells horrible and white fluids leak from her vagina

If male seamen enter in the female mouth so the female get pregnant?

No, the human female cannot get pregnant when semen enters through her mouth.

Can a male donkey get a female human pregnant?


Can a human get pregnant from a demon?

I don't think so. You need a human male to get a human female pregnant. I am not an occultist, so I cannot necessarily guarantee 100% that demons won't get you pregnant.

How long is a female pregnant for?

Human females - 40 weeks

Can animal seaman get a female pregnant?

No, animal semen cannot impregnate female humans. Each species has reproductive barriers preventing the successful fertilization of eggs between different species.

How does the site of urethral emptying in the female pig differ from the termination point in the human female?

The innervation of the human bladder and urethra and that of the lower urinary tract of the pig is very similar. The vagina and urethra openings are separate in a human, while a pigs shares the same opening.

What do female human have in common with female cat?

Skin, hair, eyes, ears, vagina, lactating breasts, noses, bones, etc.