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Because your sitting in the one spot for how many hours?

And by going around the range part which kinda goes down or up a hill in circles can make you really dizzy, It makes me dizzy and sick all the time.

Not sure if this will completely help but I hope it gives you a idea! :)

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people get dizzie because their inner ear gets shakin up

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They get dizzy because the air is not fresh.

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Q: Why you feel dizzy and vomit every time you ride a car?
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What causes you to get dizzy on a carnival ride?

Your vestibular sense Your vestibular sense

Does oxycodone make you dizzy?

For me, yes it does make me dizzy. Usually when I stand up and walk I can feel like I have less coordination. Though, it's weird because it's not the same type of dizziness I feel as if I would get off a spiny ride, it's just a mild, almost feel good dizzy, if that makes any sense. And I have a very very small dose and I can still feel it.

You are on a carnival ride that makes you very dizzy What could be causing this?

Your vestibular sense.

You are on a carnival ride that is making you very dizzy what could be causing this in your body?

Your vestibular sense

Name something you ride in or on that makes you dizzy?

Tornado, Carnival Ride, Merry Go Round, Car, Roller coaster, hot air balloon and Elevator.

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How old can a dog be to ride a long car ride?

It depends on how they react to the movement of the car. Like some might vomit and some may not. It really just depends on the dog.

What plays the biggest role in your feeling dizzy and unbalanced after a thrilling roller coaster ride?

semicircular canals

Does vertigo cause headaches?

You betcha, you can't even stand up and you will probably vomit worse than if you rode the best ride at Disney.

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