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Usually lies are said in relationships because either the person feels guilty for what they did, or they are trying to compensate for something they feel is lacking. However white lies, which are lies that are meant to be harmless, can impact a relationship greatly causing a great deal of mistrust. Your husband probably just doesn't know how to explain himself and is fearful about how you may react, so he tweaks the information to make himself look better, or more the 'victim', depending on the angle he's trying to play up with the lie. Simply confront him about the lying and stay calm and confident. He'll get the picture and the white lies should subside.

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Q: Why would your husband tell white lies?
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I think all lies are bad.

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Yes, most of the time it is bad, but it is okay to sometimes tell white lies (little lies).

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You can tell that your husband (or bf) is still involved with his ex if he always goes out and says he's with his friends. You can also tell if you ask him what he was doing and he gets all nervous and lies.

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If a spouse lies over trivial things should you still trust him or her?

This is a hard question to answer. My own husband will tell me trivial lies (e.g. Did you put the boxes out in the shed that I asked you too?" He'll tell me he has, but after he's gone to work, there sit the boxes in the garage! Although it annoys me to no end, I can be thankful he's not lying about another woman on the side. Some people just tell little white lies and many are in denial. These types of people generally dislike confrontation. Simply put, I doubt you have anything to worry about. Marcy

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Should white lies be taken seriously in a relationship?

A few "white lies" are common with most people. If they say it isn't they aren't telling the truth. For instance: If someone asks you if you like the clothes they are wearing and you think it looks terrible, you are more apt to say, "Oh, you look great!" If a boss says there was a bad mistake made and who was it that made that mistake and it was either you or a person you knew, more than likely you would say nothing. That's a white lie! If the white lie prevents someone from being hurt over small things in life then it isn't a big deal, but if a person tells white lies constantly it's a good sign they are immature. Children tell a pile of white lies, not adults. Should white lies be taken seriously in a relationship? All lies should be taken seriously in an ADULT intimate relationship. Best wishes