Why would your baby finger go numb?

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If its a baby how do you know its numb?

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Q: Why would your baby finger go numb?
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What would cause your pinky finger and ring finger go numb also left leg down to your foot slightly?

Poor circulation!

What if your index finger is turning blue and very numb what is wrong?

go to the doctor. the bloods not flowing to you finger.

Why does my finger tip go numb all a sudden randomly?

It's a vague question to answer. There are nerves located in your fingers. These nerves stimulate impulses to your brain warning the body of the stimuli it is reacting with (ie. a foreign texture, hot/cold material, general pain). If your finger is not sending impulses (becoming numb) you might have damaged the finger during some type of activity resulting in nerve loss. However, other facts can attribute to numbness in the finger. You would have to be more direct on when the finger goes numb and for how long.

What is causing left arm little finger to go numb and left arm weak?

its called a heart attack....ENJOY!

Why would you're arms and legs go numb?

fsgsfdhfdbh == ==

Why do my hands feet fingers and toes go numb when I take opiates?

my buddy had a similar problem if he would take it the night before next morning his toes would go numb

Why is your top right side of your belly numb in pregnancy?

The baby might be leaning on nerves which is causing them to go numb. You can help this by changing positions frequently. When you change position so does your baby, hopefully making you both more comfortable.

Will fingertips still feel numb after thawing from frost bite?

Yes, when I had frostbite on my finger, it felt tingly and numb. Eventually, blisters will form, after the blisters go down which might take a while, the entire layer of frostbitten skin will go dry and will have to be peeled off.

Is it dangerous for your pinky finger stays numb?

Go see doctor. left one? Heart attack ? Poor circulation etc etc etc again go see a doctor

Why nipples numb after being played with?

They are numb and spotty as they have been aroused. This pleasure makes the chemicals and hormones in your body tingle and start working in this case making you boobs go numb it can also go crusty if you are fully develop and either pregnant or recently had a baby due to the milk coming out over excitment.

What would cause arms to go numb and hurt?

fapping too much trololololol

How to test cocaine to see if real?

"run your finger on the rock and put finger on gums, rub along gums. should taste a little bitter then your gums should go numb in about 1-5 mins" don't use this as a way to tell if cocaine is real. you can go numb off a lot of the different stuff it's cut with (novacaine, benzocaine, lidocaine). one of the main differences is your lips tend to go numb instead of your gums when it's one of these. -the best way to tell is to snort it....if it gets you geeked, it's good

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