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it isn't just a city it is a continuous marketplace that is full culture and treasures and food!

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Q: Why would you want to got to Istambul?
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What is the landscape of istanbul?

what is the landsacape of istambul

What actors and actresses appeared in Areess min Istambul - 1941?

The cast of Areess min Istambul - 1941 includes: Raqiya Ibrahim Youssef Wahby

What current capital city did constantinopal build?


The swift code of Garanti Bank in Istambul?


How long is the flight from Istambul to Cairo?

649 years.

What is the address of Beren saat in istanbul?

she live in istambul

Will Daniel Radcliffe visit Egypt?

Daniel Radcliffe must visit Egypt. i mean he visited istambul. he and the whol cast and he doesn't want to visit Egypt.dan must know that he has got fans in Egypt.Answer: Maybe one day he will. He is a worldwide Traveler, but enjoy Australia the best.

How many hours to fly from istambul to Oman?

About 2 hours.

What is the European capital of culture for 2010?

Pécs, Hungary and Istambul, Turkey

What present day city in Turkey used to be ancient Troy?


Is istambul in Europe or Asia?

Both, it is the only bi-continental city in the world.

What is the distance between istambul turkey and bursa turkey?

at most 4,5 hours