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Q: Why would you want a cut to bleed some?
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If you cut a mole will you bleed?

puss will come out you want bleed

Would a bone bleed if it were cut?


Should you squeeze a small cut to bleed out germs?

You should not squeeze a small cut in order bleed out germs. You should wash the cut with soap and water. You also want to put antibiotic ointment on the cut.

When do hamster bleed?

when they get cut

If you get a cut in the epidermis will it bleed?

If you would get a cut in the epidermis it wouldn't bleed because the cells in the stratum basale can easily divide and repair the damage...Now if you would get a cut in the dermis it would bleed because it doesn't have the under layer to protect it and repair it..

What happens when you cut a bruise?

U would bleed to death

What is problem in Mesopotamia?

They had some very unfair rules where you would cut off someones hands for stealing so they would pretty much bleed to death.

How long will you bleed after an extracted bottom molar?

About how long it would take a cut to heal.

Where can you bleed?

you can bleed on any part of your skin that is cut or wounded.

If you cut your tongue will your tongue bleed?

Yes! Of course it WILL bleed.

How do you bleed radiators in ford probe?

Cut it and let it bleed =)

Why is platelet important?

Platelets - are the cells that clump together to form clots when we bleed. Without platelets, if you had a cut finger, it would bleed without stopping.