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Tissue macrophages reside in the tissues, not the blood. Tissue macrophages can't be seen because, macrophages as well as neutrophils are the only transient residents of the bloodstream, and more out of the circulation and into the tissues relatively quickly (within a few hours).

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Q: Why would you not expect to see tissue macrophages in a blood smear?
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A blood film or peripheral blood smear is a microscope slide made from a drop of blood, that allows the cells to be examined microscopically

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It's not unusual for women to have a small amount of bleeding with their pap smear. On its own, blood in the pap smear has no clinical significance.

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a frog blood smear reveals that its red blood cells are ovoid in nature as compared to the human RBCs that are spherical in nature. i think that's the main difference that u will find with a frog blood smear

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A blood sample is not part of the pap smear, which screens for cervical cancer. Blood tests may be recommended for patients at the office for their annual exams, however.

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I had blood on the swob when you had a smear even thought you were not on a period and have been taking hormone tablets to stop me bleeding so i could have a smear test done but i have a cyst?

Blood on the swab is not unusual during a pap smear and has no clinical significance.

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tongue shaped

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