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Q: Why would you have to take Tums?
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Can you take Ambien and tums?

No, But you can take Tums and Ambien! ;)

Can children take tums?

I saw there is a Tums for Kids ages 2-11.

Can you take azithromycin and tums?


Why do i have indigestion and feel bloated?

could be something you ate. i would take some tums and see if that helps.

Can you take methadone and tums?

Yes, tums lower acid in your stomach, in which there for allows methadone to absorb completely

Can you take tums if you are taking warfarin?


Does tums raise blood sugar?

I took 2 Tums at 4:00am. At 8:am my blood sugar was 206. Would this have been caused by the Tums?

If you take tums for your acid reflux if you smoke weed will it have a bad reaction?

no. the tums will settle your stomach but the marijuana will make you want to eat. if you have the need to take tums then when you smoke be sure not to eat things that will give you heart burn or acid reflux

Can my child take tums for heartburn when she's on seizure medication?

Yes. Keppra is for the brain, tums are for the stomach. There's NO conflict.

Are Tums the best antacid?

No! TUMS are good BUT Rolaids dissolve easier and are quicker to neutralize acid. ***Personally neither of them are the best to me. They both have calcium. Too much calcium ends up causing acid reflux, which means you have to pop another tums or rolaids again. I think Gingera is the best antacid. Why? because it's all natural. It's effervescent and all you need to do is take it once for your indigestion or nausea to vanish.

Are tums good for you?

Yes, tums are good for you, if you take 1 or 2 a day they are a good source of calcium. Also helps heartburn and an upset stomach, just do not overdose on it, take as its needed

Can your 11 year old take tums?

Yeah it's fine. I am 11 and I take them.