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to see if theirs life

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cause our planet is awsome

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Q: Why would someone want to visit earth?
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Why would someone want to visit California?

to visit beaches and many people like to visit DISNEY LAND

Why would people want to visit earth?

Because earth is amazing with many different sites to see :)

Why should someone want to visit Louisiana because of the weather?

I'm not sure anyone would want to visit Louisiana for the weather, but they might want to for the history or to visit a friend or relative.

What would make someone want to visit Uruguay?

Its beaches and historical places.

Why would someone want to visit the North Pole?

Because they might like exploring it.

Why would anyone visit hogwarts?

I don't see why you would not want to visit! Hogwarts is the safest place on earth, full of magic, and looks like a castle!

Why would someone want to go to the Arlington national cemetery?

to visit graves of relatives or friends.

Why would someone want to visit Poland?

I was in Poland and there is beautiful. I liked most the Baltic sea.

How do you tell someone you don't want them coming to visit you when your sick?

Just tell them you wish to rest a lot and it would be boring to them if they come around and that you would visit when you are alright

Why would you want to visit Florida?

why would you want to go to Floria or even visit it also

Would you want to go to uranus?

No a visit to Uranus sounds dangerous. Uranus is far from the sun, so it would be cold. There is a reason it is not habitable and earth is.

Why would someone want to visit the taiga?

Cuz it's pretty and has snowshoes hares and cute little kitty cats:)