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I guess the same reason we all prefer different foods and sounds and colors. I think the glue on stamps and envelopes tastes like "morning breath" and I only use self adhesive products now. Some people enjoy the smell of gasoline or permanent markers. But they give ME a headache! Everyone's different.


its likely to be because they are made of resin, which is made up of sugars.

and of course the body loves sugar

i was a little partial to it myself, but i had to stop as they also had Gelatin in them at the time and im vege.


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Q: Why would someone like the taste of the glue on envelopes and stamps?
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What would you buy in the oficina de correos?

Its a post office, so anything postal from stamps to envelopes.

How many stamps do you need to send a flat rate envelope from Portland Oregon to Beverly Hills California?

Priority Mail flat rate envelopes cost US$5.75 in postage. With standard 49 cent stamps, it would take 12 stamps to cover the postage.

How much letters from 1926 n 1940 with USSR stamps on the envelopes worth?

It would be hard to generalize a value of any type just from a time frame. However, complete envelopes from Russia with the stamps intact from this time frame are very desirable! Depending on the stamps and dates, the covers could have some good value. It would be well worth spending some time with a stamp catalog and learning about them. The link below is a catalog that will provide the identification that can assist you in finding values.

When stamps were first made how was it placed on envelopes?

They had an adhesive on the back, sometimes called "gum". One would moisten the "gum" (usually by licking it) and affix the stamp to the envelope.

What occasion would someone use gold envelopes for invitations?

Gold envelopes for invitations can be used for weddings, birthday parties, awards ceremonies, retirement parties, golden(50 years) anniversary parties.

Real life examples of the distributive property?

The three envelopes can be mailed using three 24c stamps and three 17c stamps, one of each on each envelope. What would you need if you just used one stamp on each envelope instead of two? 3(24 + 17) = 3(41) three 41c stamps Thanks for reading it you

How many stamps do you need for 12.5oz?

The first ounce is 45 Cents. Each additional ounce or fraction (12 in this case) would cost 20 cents each for a total of $2.85. If it is a 'flat' there is a surcharge for over-sized envelopes and 'non-machinable' envelopes. If it is a parcel rather than a large letter, it would only be 17 cents each.

Would I have to pay the postage for the envelopes I stuff?

Yes, you would have to pay postage for stuffing envelopes, because it would cause the envelopes to weighh more than they should and shipping and handling goes by weight.

Why would someone want a hedgehog?

hedgehogs taste good

Where can someone go to get digital stamps?

There is a website called "Free digital stamps" they have tons of pictures that can be used. Other then that, they are completely free to use and would be very beneficial.

What problems people face with collecting stamps?

One of the most commonly problems would be removing stamps from envelopes. The task of soaking stamps would be tedious. One might finds that soaking them one by one would be so time consuming and also the patience and care it requires to handle wet stamps from tear or discouraged. And also I found that you need to have lots and lots of time to arrange the stamps especially when you buy them in bulks. When you have over hundreds of different countries' stamps, just imagine the task of sorting them out country by country starting from alphabet A to Z. Not even a regular dining/study table would be enough to fit them all. Keeping mint stamps in good condition despite humidity. Getting stamps are easy. You can get them cheaply on eBay but it is best to consider whether you are willing to spend your energy and time on them.

What is the value of 1942 ration stamps?

Although there are rare stamps, in general WWII food ration stamps in a book of stamps (with some missing) are worth $2 to $5. An absolutely new book of stamps (unsigned) might be worth $10 or more. A book of stamps signed by someone famous would, of course, be worth even more. Loose stamps (not in a book) are generally worthless - a few pennies, if that.