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It's simply a part of the sleeping process. As you delve into REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, the non-vital functions of your brain go into rest mode because they aren't needed while you're sleeping.

Some people can keep their mind awake while their body goes to sleep. That way, when they dream, they can control it and experience the dream as if it was reality. This is known as lucid dreaming.

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Q: Why would people go to a unconscious stage while sleeping?
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Are you unconscious while your sleeping?


Are you unconscious when your sleep?

yes, to a certain extent you are unconscious when you sleep. you are unconscious during deep sleep but sometimes a person can regain consciousness while sleeping causing a lucid dream. while awake you think primarily with your conscious mind but those random thoughts and actions like breathing and blinking are controlled by your sub conscious. when you are not conscious you are unconscious and thinking primarily with your subconscious mind

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What makes people to speak while sleeping?

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Why do people dream when they sleep?

We dream because the wise unconscious that regulates the functionalism of our bodies can treat the human conscience and help it fight against the anti-conscience without its interference, as is the case when we are awake. In your dreams, the unconscious gives you directions, warnings and psychotherapy. You need them, because insanity is inherent in the anti-conscience that constantly tries to destroy your human side. While you are sleeping, you can be in contact with the unconscious that works like a doctor in your psyche and sends you dreams in order to provide you the guidance you need.

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