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A prospective employer may be interested in your health because many employers pay a portion of their employees' health insurance. Health insurance premiums may be higher if you are in poor health or a regular smoker. However, a potential employer is not legally allowed to ask questions about health during an interview.

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Q: Why would a prospective employer be interested in your health?
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What is a prospective employer?

Prospective means: 1. of or in the future: prospective earnings. 2. potential, likely, or expected: a prospective partner. A prospective employer is an employer for whom you might work in the future or have a possibility of working (for example, an employer to whom you have applied for work or for whom you would like to work), but you are not yet working.

What to put on work history on job application if fired for breach of trust?

Terminated, If the prospective employer is interested they will ask you in person. Depending on the state, if you do not sign a release of information your previous employer can only state your employment dates and if they would rehire.

When would you send a thank you letter to a prospective employer?

After an interviewfollowing a job interview

What question would be legal for a prospective employer to ask you at a job?

What's your salary requirement?

What question would be legal for a prospective employer to ask you at a job interview?

What's your salary requirement?

Is a previous employer allowed to tell a prospective employer why an employee was fired in California?

Yes. The legal implications would only be if they lied and caused you harm.

Can you be denied health insurance if you get on a group health insurance plan?

In California small group plans are guaranteed issue, which means you would not be denied. The HR person of his prospective employer would be able to tell you if they have a guaranteed issue plan.California has the Major Risk program too. If you live in another state, you can check their insurance programs online.

Do legal assistants make any benefits?

That would be entirely up to whatever their prospective employer does, or does not, offer as part of their employment package.

You have e a cdv and two assaults on your record would that stop you from getting your cdl?

No, but a prospective employer will see that and probably trash your application.

If it is past the date a prospective employer said they would make a hiring decision and they haven't contacted you as they said they would how long should you wait before contacting them?

a week

Why would one be interested in public health?

Public Health ensures a healthy neighbourhood, a healthy society and a healthy nation. We would be interested in public health because if our surrounding people are healthy and if our surroundings are healthy we can remain healthy.

When a prospective employer does a background check with your old employer in Texas the old employer tell them you were fired and would they rehire you?

They can't ask this question in this manner. A way around may be for the employer that is hiring you to ask the previous employer are you re-hireable. In most cases they only verify dates of employment and salary for legal reasons. This is the general practice.