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Q: Why would a person live a ascetic life?
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What does ascetic mean?

Ascetic means to live one's life in strict self-denial, especially for religious purposes.

What is ascetism?

The condition, practice, or mode of life, of ascetics.

How do you use ascetic in a sentence?

You don't know the meaning of the word ascetic!I'm an ascetic, she's an ascetic, we're all ascetics here.Wouldn't you like to be an ascetic, too?

What is the importance of ascetics in Hindu life?

The ascetic was a person dedicated to a life of siritual austerity and self-discipline. Untouched by the social system, ascetics often chose a hermitage in the forest or gathered with others to live lives of intense devotion and meditation.

If you were a ascetic what would you do?

As an ascetic, I would focus on simplicity, self-discipline, and spiritual growth. I would practice meditation, cultivate mindfulness, live minimally, and prioritize service to others. My lifestyle would revolve around inner peace, detachment from material possessions, and a deeper connection with the divine.

How do the early Africans live their life?

They lived their life like any old person would and thats how they wanted to live it.

What are the key beliefs of a Sikhism birth?

Sikhism believes in One God, Karma,Meditation On God, and to live a life of house holder rather than being ascetic.

If you could live for ever.tell me what would you live for and why?

If I could live forever I would live for my friends and family and the most important person in my life; my girlfriend Georgina :) Because I just don't know how I could live without these people, they are the structure of my life :)

How long can you live with bipolar?

your entire natural life, however long that is. if properly treated, there is no reason that bipolar would shorten a person's life.

Why do people live longer than others?

Many people have different lifestyles. For example, a fat person's life would usually be shorter than a thin and healthy person life.

When to use live and life?

live your life as you would live your dreams! Live is verb while life is noun.

What can you do after marriage?

Live your life with the person you married.