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I wish I knew the answer for you . Its tough . Unfortunately males seeking this are in large supply . I do know you have to take some bold steps . Personal ads and the like . Stay away from predators like hookers and phone sex . Be persistent and you will find the right woman . We live in a time where it is becoming more acceptable for a woman to have a sissy maid . Women like the idea . The power and all the benefits .

A good place to start might be a book where the author goes into detail about his own experiences about what works and what doesn't. Although a lot of it is just common sense, I still picked up a lot of good tips that way. The biggest thing I learnt was to approach things from the perspective of a woman wanting a maid rather than a man wanting to be one. It's obvious when you think about it, but they're very different things - it's important to sell what you can do for her (clean her house, take the load off her shoulders) rather than what's in it for you (she doesn't care about what you're wearing, for instance).

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What difference would it make if you knew the answer? (That's a serious question -- please think about it for a few minutes.) There are probably as many reasons for this as there are men who want to do it. It usually involves a desire to be humiliated, or to be in a position where it's "permissible" to act in a submissive and effeminate way.

In general, our desires for non-traditional sex are intended to increase the likelihood of a sexual encounter. A man who is willing to play a sissy maid might be able to have sex with a woman who wasn't otherwise available.

As long as the behavior is responsible and between consenting adults, there's nothing wrong with it, so enjoy!

There are many reasons a man might want to become a sisy maid. As a longtime praciticing sisy maid, perhaps it would be most useful if I answer for myself. I became a sissy for a number of reasons, both conscious and compulsive.

  • Being a sissy relieves me of all kinds of performance anxiety and pressure to succeed. Those who know me to be a sissy do not expect me to win the affections of females, or to be in command or take charge in confrontational situations, or to achieve executive status at work. The things that are expected of me - obedience, sufferance, etc. - are of a very different nature and less stressful for me.
  • Being a sissy is also a turn-on for me. Fetish is eroticized fear and the stress I felt/feel to achieve and control in various ways, to make the grade and "be a man," have been eroticized for me so that being humiliated, demoted, and mocked for my implied inadequacy is very stimulating for me sexually.
  • In particular, I personally have always feared women and their sexuality. Being more "womanly," and at the same time being relieved of any need to try to master her by my surrender, and of any expectations she might have of me, makes me feel more comfortable, secure, and calm.
  • For me the "domestic service" aspect of being a maid is a comlimentary intensifier. Being in service is an automatic status reducer. People whose lives are devoted to serving another (not others generally, but a specific individual or small group) and putting their needs and desires above their own be definition are taking a secondary, support role. This is another big reliever. No one expets a butler, valet, maid, or char to become famous, make a lot of money, buy a big house, or make a splash in the world in anyway. Their ambitions are small and their lives subservient to those they assist.

There is a lot of baggage in gender roles and expectations. Surrendering the privileges and pretensions of the role allows me to surrender the burden of having to try to meet those expectations (which are impossibly high for a perfectionist like me) as well as the guilt of failure. Like many people of both sexes I also feel a tremendous burden to "suceed" in this world in the sense of making a lot of money or gaining a lot of attention or acclaim. I can instead embrace my shame and get a sexual charge out of it by becoming a sissy maid.

I hope that helps you to understand.

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I like housework

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Q: Why would a man want to be a sissy maid?
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