Why would a man try to get you pregnant?

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2009-01-06 20:14:24

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A "man" wouldn't... a guy would. I've heard of guys trying to get girls pregnant in order to try to keep them and make the girl need them there.

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2009-01-06 20:14:24
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Q: Why would a man try to get you pregnant?
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Can mare get pregnant from man?

No. As the species is completely different. Although why a man would want to try is beyond me.

Can man be a pregnant?

A man can not get pregnant.

Can a woman get pregnant when the man and woman have fixed?

No; it would not be possible.

Can a man get pregnant by another man?

Unfortunately, men can't get pregnant at all. If they could why would women go through all that. (although i would love to see a man in labor - that would get us to zero population growth quickly).

Would male rabbits try to mate with a pregnant rabbit?


Can a man pregnant a woman with the prostate glands removed?

(beata33) I would say 70% a man cannot get a women pregnant with the prostate glands removed.

Can a 12 year old chihuahua get pregnant?

Yes it can but it would be a really bad idea to even try and get her pregnant

Does it right to get pregnant by a 28 year old man?

That depends how how old you are. If you are in your teens, then I would defiantly say no it is not alright for you to get pregnant by a 28 year old man.

What is the code to get your sim pregnant?

there isent a code. You get the women and the man, with a high relationship to relax on bed, then try for baby.

How do you have a baby if you can't?

I assume you mean that the man is not fertile enough to get a female pregnant....It takes on average a couple a year to get pregnant. Try using ovulation predictor kits and if you still have no luck then try going to a fertility specialist.

How early can a man have pregnancy symptoms?

That would be never. Men don't get pregnant.

How likely is it that a woman would be pregnant after a man pulls out?

only a 1% chance

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