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Q: Why would a guy stare at another guy?
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Related questions

Do guys like when you stare at them?

if you were to stare at a guy i would say that they would probably feel uncomfortable

When you stare at a guy would they stare back if they like you?

They might be wondering if your looking at them or the person behind them

Why would a girl stare at a guy?

Either they like that guy, or they are staring in a very awkward place.

Would a guy stare at a girl he doesn't like?

If he is mad at her yes.

Why would a guy stare at you and smile?

because he wonts to bang u

Why would a guy stare at another girl even though he already has a girlfriend?

Let me answer your question with another question ... why would someone look at a painting in a museum if they already have a completely different painting at home?

How do you stares at a women teacher?

Normal. Stare at her like you would at a guy teacher.

How can a guy tell if his girlfriend is attracted physically to him?

She would stare at him and try to get close to him

Why does this guy stare at you while you talk to another guy friend?

Chances are that it's because he likes you, and he's jealous that you're talking to the other guy instead of him.

What are signs that a guy likes another guy?

If he goes up to another guy and grabs his dick. Or if he is flirting with a guy. ORR if he stares at another guy. i disagree with the last one plenty of guys stare at other guys out of jealousy, bordome, or even wanting to kill them.

How would a guy know if a girl if flirting with him?

They blush and giggle and smile. And probably stare at them.

What does that mean if a guy dance in a funny way in front of a girl and stare at her?

the guy likes the girl and would like to dance with her.

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