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A guy would usually be hitting on you because he is interested in you and most probably likes you. maybe because he really likes you and wants to ask you out or he just wants to get to know you better.

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Q: Why would a guy be hitting on you?
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What if a guy hit on you but then started hitting on your friend?

if a guy hit on you then started hitting on your friend he is not the guy you want so just move on sister

How do you get a guy to stop hitting on you?

sorry, misread. I would just tell him straight "sorry, but I am not interested".

If like a girl but another guy flirts with her what do you do?

Tell the guy "hey dude stop hitting on my girl", then go and ask your lady out. It would be super daring and I think she would love you.

What is the ratio of boys hitting girls?

To much, I'm a guy and i hardly disagree with guys hitting girls. if someone you know is hitting you get away fast

How can girls tell a guy is hitting on them?

lots of ways but it can depend on the age of the guy. how old are we talking about?

What does it mean when a guy says you are always in my thoughts?

other than that he is hitting on you? Depends greatly on the guy ....

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One World - 1998 Hitting on a Guy 3-13 was released on: USA: 6 January 2001

If you hooked up with a guy that said they wanted to keep things going then the next time you hung out with him he was hitting on other girls and was more interested in them then you what would you do?

i would dump him i would dump him

Can a woman go to jail for hitting a guy?

Yes, she can. Because that is an aggression against other person, at least the woman was able to prove that the man was a thief, violator or that he was hitting or killing her, or at least trying to. That is an act of self-defense, but if she attacked the guy just for attack him, she would be in serious trouble, even worst if the guy turns out to dying in the hospital or before to get there.

What does it mean when a guy is making fun of you and hitting you in a joking way?

It means that the guy is just fooling around you and he has a crush on you

What does it mean when a guy blows in your ear?

He is hitting on you - trying to turn you on.

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if a guy walks 3 times in a game as his only at his hitting streak alive??

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