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it is kind of hard not to cause there are girls everywhere and if they are pretty they stare don't worry the wife will kill him

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Q: Why would a guy always look at me if he's married?
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Why does a guy always look at you?

a guy always looks at you because he likes you

When a guy says you always look good?

if a guy tells you that you always look good then you know that he is dlirting and that he likes you

Leah Remini should have married a black guy you think she would look real nice with one?

She married a Puerto Rican which is very close to a Black Guy, because Puerto Ricans have African Blood in them.

How do you know if a guy still into you?

If a guy is still into you, he would smile at you always and always be nice. He would do anything for you and always be at your side if you need him.

How can you tell if a guy is married?

Look for a wedding ring and then just ASK HIM

How do you get over some one who you love when they say they love you and fancy you but somethings missing but they dont know what. im married to this guy.?

This is easy, Divorce him as he is still a kid and wants his own way. Look for a grown man who knows what he wants. Maybe you think you love him as you would always be looking after him. Get someone to look after you. That's a man

Why does the guy you like always look at you and say something to make you talk and look at you when he fights with a girl and look when you hug someone and always look when you smile and copy you?

You are a lucky girl, he likes you

What would a guy do if he liked me?

Look at you a lot

How would you know if a guy likes but you're married?

If you're married then it really shouldn't matter. If your husband loves you then that should be enough. Who cares if the other guy likes you?

If a guy you know always had a thing for you for like 5 yrs and finally made his move on you for the first time he's married and you have someone which is his friend why would he do it?

because he's a git, or he was drunk

What does it mean when a guy always starts up arguments with you?

Well i would say hes just trying to make you break up with him first so he doesn't have to. Because he doesn't want to look like the bad guy.

When a guy admits to you that he is married after he lied and said he was not married what does that means he care about you or he is feeling guilty?

That means he's an idiot. Would you want to be the person he's married to? How would you feel if you were married to him and he didn't claim you as his wife?