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Tell her if something is wrong between you and her, why she feels uncomfortable around you, then DO her!( unless you r out of middle school) but just try and make he feel good

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Q: Why won't your girlfriend hug me or anything we hold hands every once in a while but she usually goes and hides with her friends what should I do?
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What type of friends can talk about anything?

The type of friends that you can talk to about anything and trust completely are definitely best friends. If you don't have a best friend, it's easy to get one but you can't be shy. You can also talk about anything to your boyfriend/girlfriend at any time. (Or you should!)

What should you say if you got in a fight with your best friends girlfriend?

you should apoligize t your friend and his girlfriend

Where can one find tips for getting Christmas presents for their girlfriend?

For tips on getting a Christmas present for their girlfriend, one should find out if there is anything she wants or needs. Alternatively, ask her friends or family for advice.

Should you stay friends with a guy who already has a girlfriend?

If you two are genuine friends & nothing more, yes. There should not be an issue. Just remember to be respectful of his relationship & his girlfriend.

What to do when your girlfriend cheated?

if your girlfriend cheated,you should end the relationship

How can you get a girlfriend if you have few friends that are girls and non who are close friends what should you do?

get to know them better

Boyfriend talks to ex girlfriend?

Usually, this isn't a problem as they may be friends still. If you have any worries you should probably discuss things with your boyfriend.

What if you have a girlfriend but your friends make fun of you because you dating her?

if there your real friends then they would be supportive of your relationship, and you shouldn't let your friends make fun of you girlfriend. remind them who has the girlfriend around here, And maybe they should get a girlfriend. But if you tell them to stop and they won't then forget them.

What should you do if you found out your girlfriend was talking to an old hookup?

You should talk to the girlfriend and confront her about it if she truly is ask what there talking about (you have the right to know) Find out if there is anything still going on between the ask the old hook up too {your rights!}. If there just friends Have trust

Should you tell the guy's girlfriend that he cheated on her with you?

You shouldn't have done anything with him knowing he has a girlfriend.

Should you be nervous to hug your girlfriend in front of her friends?

no not at all

Should you kiss your girlfriend at a friends house with all of your friends with you?

if all your friends shout " do it do it do it" over and over again