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All the bubbles float to the top , this layer will grow if you don't remove it from the stove, it happens when tons of heat is applied

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Q: Why white layer is formed while boiling water?
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Did the temperature change while the water was boiling?


Does salt evaporate in boiling water?

No, salt does not evaporate in boiling water. When water boils, it turns into steam, leaving behind the salt in the water. Salt does not have a low enough boiling point to evaporate along with the water.

Steam is to water as liquid is to?

steam is to liquid as smoke is to fire

What effect does adding water have on the boiling point of ethanol?

The pure ethanol has the boiling point 78.5 celsius while water has 100 celsius so when water is added to ethanol its boiling point becomes increased.

When boiler pressure increases what happens to the boiling point of water?

The boiling point of water is dependent on environmental factors and the presence of solutes. In this case the pressure of the system on the water serves to increase the boiling point of water. The higher pressures increase boiling points while lowering pressure decreases it.

Would carbon dioxide have a higher boiling point than water and why?

No, carbon dioxide has a much lower boiling point than water. The boiling point is the temperature at which a substance changes phases from a solid to a liquid. Carbon dioxide is a gas at room temperature, while water is found primarily in liquid form at room temperature. Therefore, at 78 degrees F, carbon dioxide is above its boiling point while water is below its boiling point.

What effect does ethanol have on the boiling point of water?

The pure ethanol has the boiling point 78.5 celsius while water has 100 celsius so when water is added to ethanol its boiling point becomes increased.

What is a boiling point of a liquid substance?

every liquid has its own boiling point like water has its boiling point of 100 degree centigrade while milk has boiling point of 60 degree centigrade.

Why does the boiling point of water change when salt is added?

By adding salt it means that you are adding an impurity into the water. Impurities can lower the boiling point, while increasing its melting point.

Why did hot water stop boiling immediately for a short while when something is dropped in it?

Because the temperature of the object is lower than the temperature of the water. When the object is sunk, the water temperature drops below boiling.

IF WATER and oil are combinedin a containerthe results liquid is an?

If you shake it, it will be an "emulsion", but if you let it sit for a while, there will be a layer of water at the bottom of the jar, and a layer of oil above the water.

Changing liquid to gas without boiling?

Changing a liquid to gas without boiling is known as evaporation. This occurs when the molecules of a liquid gain enough energy to escape into the air as vapor, without the need to reach the boiling point of the liquid. Evaporation is a natural process that happens at any temperature, but faster with higher temperatures.