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If you are talking about in James in the Giant Peach, then yes. I haven't read the book in a long time, so I forget the name of the main character, but he was forced to do all the chores and didn't even get a glass of lemonade. I hope this helped!

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Q: Why were aunt sponge and aunt spike greedy?
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How would you describe aunt sponge?

She is a very mean, selfish, greedy, obese women.

Why were aunt sponge and aunt striker in the garden with James?

James was cutting wood for the stove while aunt Spiker and Sponge were just laying there.

How would you describe aunt sponge and aunt spikers house?

aunt Spiker is very very thin like a pencil and ugly like a garbage with her glasses aunt Sponge is enormously fat and really ugly like a sponge

Why did James have to go with aunt sponge and aunt spiker?

James needed to go with aunt sponge and aunt Spiker because his mother ad father got killed by a rhinoceros

How much did aunt sponge and aunt spiker chargepeople to see the giant peach?

They charged 1 shiling.

What happened to Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge in James and and the Giant Peach?

They were flattened by the giant peach after it rolled away

What were the two aunts called in 'James and the Giant Peach'?

Aunt Spiker - A dominating, cruel, malicious, and thoroughly repulsive lady, who derives a sadistic pleasure in manipulating and tormenting young James, who she sees as nothing more than a slave. Spiker is described as tall and thin - almost emaciated - with steel glasses. She meets her end when she is crushed to death as the giant peach rolls over her.Aunt Sponge - A lazy, greedy, selfish, and morbidly fat woman, and equally as cruel and repulsive as her sister Spiker. Sponge is more or less dominated by Aunt Spiker, but attempts to save her own life instead of Spiker when she sees the giant peach rolling towards her. Nonetheless they trip up over each other and meet the same

All about beryl Matt in the bridge to wisemans cove?

She is a mean Aunt where she is greedy and jealous. In the end of the book, she follows Bruce.

What is aunt spiker from James and the Giant Peach like?

They were flattened by the giant peach after it rolled away

What is the function of spicules?

Spicules provide support to the sponge. In fact, a spicule is defined as any (of various shapes and sizes, depending of the sponge) small calcareous or siliceous body embedded along the sponge's cells.

Why was miss spider satisfied when the peach rolled over anunt sponge from James and the Giant Peach?

Aunt Spiker had painted the ceiling and miss Spider's grandmother ended up stuck in the paint. Aunt Sponge squished the defenseless spider when she caught sight of it; thus, miss Spider did not exactly like the aunts.

Who was squashed by a giant peach?

A:Aunt Sponge and aunt Spiker were squashed by a giant peach.