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Well water keeps us alive. no water=no humans plz don't litter in water

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Q: Why we have to take care of the water?
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Why should you take care of water and not to use water quickly?

Because our resources of water on earth are limited, & it is our job to take care of this earth, & therefore it is VERY important to take care of our world & water.

How do you take care of puppys?

You take care of puppies the same way that you take care of any baby, feed him, and give it water, and keep him dry, and clean.

How can you take cares of the water forms?

5 ways how to take care water forms?

How to take care body of water?

don't abused the body of water.

How do you take care of big cabbage?

Water it and take it to a fair to WIN!!!

How do you take care of your winne dog after she had puppies?

Take lots of care of her and make sure she eats and has plenty of water!

What can people do to take care of this community?

clean the water

What will happen if their is no water in a couple of years?

If you don't take care of the water now you will die of thirst in a couple of years. You have to take good care of the water right now to save our mother Earth.

How do you take care for dogs?

give them a food and a water to drink

How do you take care of a chicken?

Feed it and give it water and shelter

What can people do to take care of community river?

clean the water and

How would you take care of a salt water fish at home?

put it in salt water