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There wasn't sufficient funds to maintain the colony, and sufficient foods so people would starve to death. Also constant attacks from neighboring Indians affected the colony greatly.

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Q: Why was the death rate in early Jamestown so high?
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Why was the survival of Jamestown initially questionable?

high death rate of its settlers

What were problems with the place the settlers chose to build in Jamestown?

They build in a swamp with high disease rates, which raised the Death Rate.

What factors contributed to near failure of Jamestown?

There were many problems at Jamestown. The colonists were unaccustomed to manual labor. The water supply was very high in saline content. There was a high rate of disease and death, and relations with the natives turned bad quickly.

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What contributed most to the high mortality rate among Jamestown colonists?

They were not used to the area's climate or its natural resources.

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Virginia source:'s-early-years