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Q: Why was dissection of the body once prohibited?
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The naming of body structures is called dissection?

Um, the naming isn't necceserily called dissection- dissection is when the 'body' is cut open to view the inside

What is an angiotomy?

An angiotomy is the dissection of the blood vessels and lymphatics of the body.

What is Term for dead human body used for dissection?


What type of drawing is is required before you begin a worm dissection?

Before you begin a dissection, it is helpful to draw lines along the body of the future dissected body to trace where you will be performing your cuts.

Why is dissection important?

Frog dissection is commonly considered important because it teaches participating students about the simplified human form of the internal body cavities.

Who use dissection to draw the human body?

Leonardo da vinci

The medical dissection of a dead body for the purpose of determining the cause of death?


What has the author Frank H J Figge written?

Frank H. J. Figge has written: 'A guide to the dissection and study of the human body' -- subject(s): Human dissection

What are some of the safety concerns associated with dissection in a frog?

Because dead body tissue for dissection is preserved with formaldehyde, which when generously portioned onto the skin can cause severe cases of cancer.

Which of the body systems mentioned in the background information will you be examining during your dissection?

I honestly do not even know!

Where and when was the first dissection done on the human body?

the fisrt dissection was recorded in the university of bologna in the year 1315 during the renaissance.

What are the names of the seven dissection tools for dissection?

The names of seven dissection tools for dissection are as follows: forceps, scrapers, scissors, scalpels, needles, probes, swabs, microtome blades.