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It is because of the metabolic acidosis. The blood gases show low partial pressure of the CO2 and low bicarbonate because of the increase in respiration. The base excess is negative.

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Q: Why there's a kussmaul breathing in dka?
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What is the medical term meaning Deep rapid breathing often seen in terminal diabetes mellitus?

Kussmaul breathing is associated with diabetic ketoacidosis

What are some respiratory system words that begin with the K?

Kerley lines and kussmaul respirations begin with the letter K. Kerley lines are markers found on chest x-ray, and kussmaul respirations are an abnormal pattern of breathing.

When did Adolph Kussmaul die?

Adolph Kussmaul died in 1902.

When was Adolph Kussmaul born?

Adolph Kussmaul was born in 1822.

How is blood pH maintained by the respiratory system?

Respiration controls the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood. If respiration slows, CO2 increases, causing a respiratory acidosis. If respiration quickens or deepens, CO2 decreases, promoting a respiratory alkalosis. This is helpful if there is another process going on that impacts the pH of the blood. For instance, in diabetic ketoacidosis, the pH decreases in the blood due to the production of ketoacids. The respiratory system responds by increasing respiration and decreasing CO2 to help bring the pH of the blood up toward normal. The pattern of breathing patients in DKA develop is called Kussmaul breathing - deep and fast. This is a classic sign of DKA.

What has the author Paul Kussmaul written?

Paul Kussmaul has written: 'Training the Translator (Benjamins Translation Library)'

What are kussmaul respirations?

deep, rapid breathing usually as compensation for a metabolic acidosis, especially that seen with Diabetic Ketoacidosis - as a result of too much sugar in the bloodNote that at onset, it is shallow and as metabolic acidosis develops, it becomes deep and rapid. This is commonly seen in patient facing imminent death due to multiple organ failure particularly the kidneys secondary to hyperglycemia.KUSSMAUL RESPIRATIONS IS THE DEEP, RAPID, AND LABORED BREATHING ASSOCIATED WITH ACIDOTIC STATES, PARTICULARY DIABETIC KETOACIDOSIS (DKA)k= ketonesu=uremias=sepsiss=salicylatesm=methanola=aldehydeu)l=lactic acidosis

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What is kussmaluls cheyne-stokes?

Kussmaul and Cheyne-Stokes are types of respirations. Kussmaul respirations are hyperapnea, an Cheyne-Stokes respirations are hypercapnia.

Fever of unknown origin with hyperglycemia what is relation?

DKA from infection. Diabetics can get infections such a foot ulcerations easily, unchecked or poorly managed diabetes will also result in hyperglycaemia or worse DKA. DKA can be brought on rapidly by infection. Nice little circle :)

What is the prognosis for patients with diabetic ketoacidosis?

With proper medical attention, DKA is almost always successfully treated. The DKA mortality rate is about 10%. Coma on admission adversely affects the prognosis

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