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Melanin is the pigment which helps our skin to be defensive against over exposure. Normally when you are exposed to sun light the skin will produce melanin automatically. But people from cold climates won't need melanin as the sun light is not strong over there. So people from colder area tend to be white. But people from hotter climates need melanin to prevent sun burn so their body is programmed to do so. More melanin means the darker the skin. The reason why melanin turns our skin to black is, black color can absorb the light, but white will reflect the light. If the light is being reflected only the skin will be exposed to heat and that will damage the skin which is sunburn. But dark skin will absorb the heat and transfer the heat to the inner body parts under the skin and thus by having less damage on the skin.

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Q: Why the people have dark skin and is melanin contributed to dark skin?
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Most responsible for the skin color of dark skinned people?


How did black people get dark skin?

from melanin. this is what the creator wanted so get over it.

Is hemoglobin mostly responsible for the skin color of Caucasians?

Yes it is! And Melanin is responsible for the skin of dark-skinned people.

What is dark pigment of the body called?

melanin is black pigment found in the epidermisMelaninMelanin

Why does skin get dark in the sun but not hair?

Our skin contains melanin. Melanin is a chemical that gets darker due to UV rays. Our hair on the other hand, contains no melanin.

What is a Dark-Colored pigment present in skin cells?


Dark-colored pigment present in skin cells is what?


What makes you black?

My skin has a lot of melanin. Melanin is responsible for darker skin colors. Whiter people have less melanin than darker people.

How will you describe the skin color of a person with a lot of melanin?

Dark brown

Why is skin dark or light?

Darker skins have a higher content of Melanin within the skin cells than lighter skins. Melanin is the component within the skin that gives it it's colour, therefore more melanin makes a darker skin.

Why do different people have different color skin?

Skin color is determined by the amount of melanin you have. People with more melanin are darker and those with less are whiter.As humans evolved in Africa it is thought that we were all originally dark skinned because dark skin helps to protect against the sun and skin cancer. As humans spread to other parts of the world the dark skin was not needed as much, so melanin became less important to survival. So in colder countries people developed lighter skins as they did not face the same pressure to protect themselves from the sun.Spending time in the sun causes your body to make more melanin and makes your skin darker giving you a tan.People's skin colours are different because of where they live. Generally, people who are black originally came from very hot countries. They're skin developed in reaction to the environment. Please note: if this answer is incorrect, please improve it - I can't be sure I'm still in high school!! Also: I did not intend to cause any offence to anybody in this answer and I'd like to make it clear that I am not racist at all.

How does melanin affect the color of skin?

People with high concentrations of the pigment melanin tend to have darker skin.