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im not a doctor, but i do have personal experience. Steroid-based treatments are ment to be easy on the body with minimal side-effects. Therefore, it takes longer for you to notice anything. Epinephrine on the other hand is ment to be on the spot, therefore, it must be quick acting. Like, if you're heartrate slows to a dangerous rate, then the peramedics will give you a dose of epinephrine directly into the heart, and your heart will imeadiately begin to beat again. (instant)

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Q: Why the injection of epinephrine produces immediate relief while the steriod-based treatment can take several days?
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What is the treatment for anaphylaxis?

anaphylaxis is treated with injection of adrenaline, also known as epinephrine. People who are prone to anaphylaxis because of food or insect allergies often carry an "Epi-pen" containing adrenaline in a hypodermic needle.

How do you reverse allergic reaction to penicillin?

This should in no way be considered "medical advise" or a specific course of treatment.Typically serious penicillin reactions require IMMEDIATE EMERGENCY TREATMENT with an injection of epinephrine, supportive oxygen, and possibly a steroid injection, possibly an injection of an antihistamine, and careful monitoring of the patients airway. If the patients throat begins to swell shut, consideration should be given to intubation (putting in a breathing tube). If the airway continues to swell, intubation may no longer be possible (we may not be able to get the breathing tube in), which would result in a tracheotomy.Rarely are reactions this serious, however it is extremely important to get immediate medical treatment regardless. Sometimes reaction can go from somewhat mild to severe very quickly.If you have a mild allergic reaction, you may be able to control your symptoms with over-the-counter antihistamines or other prescription medication which is available from your doctor.If you have previously had a serious reaction to penicillin, you may wish to consider carrying an allergy kit of sorts, which contains a shot of epinephrine.

What is the main treatment for someone having a severe anaphylactic episode?


Treatment of anaphylactic shock?

epinephrine into the thigh muscles antihistamine iv fluied

What is the treatment for an allergic reaction?

Emergency treatment of anaphylaxis involves injection of adrenaline (epinephrine) which constricts blood vessels and counteracts the effects of histamine. Oxygen may be given, as well as intravenous replacement fluids.

What can be injected directly into the painful joint of a bursitis sufferer?

When bursitis does not respond to conservative treatment, an injection into the joint of a long-acting corticosteroid preparation, like prednisone, can bring immediate and lasting relief.

Why is epinephrine injected as a treatment for the respiratory signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis?

you are a test tube baby

What is chemotherapy injection in the prostate?

Chemotherapy is a chemical treatment that can be used on various areas on the body and can usually have profound side effects depending on what the treatment is. So a chemotherapeutic injection would just be a concentrated chemical injection.

What is the treatment for free air in the abdomen?

immediate surgery

If a patient has open angle glaucoma are local anesthetics with epinephrine safe to use for dental treatment?

Epinephrine should be safe in open angle glaucoma. It causes vasoconstriction, and results in a reduced amount of aqueous humor production.

What do Chlorine casualties that require immediate treatment suffer from?


Is the mesoslim-c injection dangerous?

The Mesoslim C injection is used as a form of slimming treatment. As it is a procedure and not a food or cosmetic item, the FDA are not in a position to state whether or not the injection is dangerous.