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it mean to work together and help one other

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Q: Why team working is more productive then individually?
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What do you like best about working as a team?

A sense of accomplishment when the job is done and done well.

When two or more people work together they?

can collaborate to combine their skills, knowledge, and resources towards a common goal. By working as a team, they can achieve more than what they could individually, leading to increased productivity and creativity.

What is PBworks's motto?

The motto of PBworks is 'Make your team vastly more productive'.

Do you prefer to work individually or as a member of a team?

To me, I really prefer to work individually cos i think that it can make myself more independent and leadership. Why I say like this, as you know, working only ourselves lead you to build independent, everything you can depend on your need, goal, and desires. Moreover, always working by yourself provide you the way how to control yourself. If you can control yourself to be a good man, it means that you will be become a good leader regarding your ex-individual experiences. Thus, working individually is not only build the independent, but all it can lead us to success in leadership.

Alan is a member of your team He constantly makes himself available to resolve conflicts and make the peace As a result the team is more productive What role does he play on your team?


What does a productive team member do?


What can you do to be a more productive group member?

To be a more productive group member, you can actively participate in discussions, listen to others' perspectives, contribute ideas and tasks, communicate effectively with your team, stay organized and meet deadlines, and collaborate well with others. Additionally, being open to feedback and willing to adapt to new approaches can also enhance your productivity as a group member.

With the 2nd pick in a fantasy football draft would you take Matt Forte or Maurice Jones Drew?

Maurice Jones Dre is more productive and a bigger value to his team so he will get more carries anyways, plus he is very productive in scoring touchdowns

Do the New York Yankees travel together as a team or individually?

Usually they travel together as a team.

Why is it important to develop yourself in the team?

Simply try to listen to your teammates and treat them equally. Always remember that there is no "i" in the word team.

Can two horses working together pull more than the sum of two single horses?

Yes, two horses working together can pull more weight than two single horses because they can coordinate their efforts and leverage each other's strength and stamina. By working as a team, they can distribute the load more efficiently and accomplish tasks that would be too heavy for each horse individually.

What benefit the team work?

while in the team working we can share more ideas & gather information also .